costa rica

Hi, I’m josh and I gonna tell you about everything in costa rica. the population I’m gonna tell you about the population of Costa Rica. the population of Costa Rica is 5225193 people. the language, language of Costa Rica is Spanish because it is a Mexican country some Mexicans live there. the two neighboring countries are Nicaragua and Panama

religion,  the most popular religion in Costa Rica is catholic did you know that 76% are catholic and 13.7% are Christian. costa rica is in South America at the very tip it is one of the connecting countries that connects South and North America.

 the climate of Costa Rica is very close to the ocean and has a lot of forests I think it is gorgeous.

 holidays, Some holidays include ano reevo – new years Navidad – Christmas and día de la Madre – Mother’s Day. popular food One of the popular food in Costa Rica is galo pinto with is rice + beans

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