Hi, I’m Josh and we made a podcast about a series of unfortunate events the bad beginning I will tell you everything about it. first, let’s talk about what thought about the book.

I think this book was a 10/10 it had so much story and I think it was really well righted.

I think the podcast went pretty well we made it a fun/funny podcast we added all the info we needed to and I think overall it was good.

I like the podcast it was very fun to make and listen to. I enjoy the podcast very much.

I think I might of many made it a bit less silly but still we are kids so I think we needed to add a lot of silly moments.

I think we could use podcasting a lot in school like when you need to record something like that.



here is episode 1

here is episode 2

here is episode 3

here is epsoide 4


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